Millenium Full Protect

Safety toecaps - safety overhoes
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Gaston MILLE® invented the shoe cover with the Millenium Protect® safety cap.

Currently, the Millenium® range has been broadened to include 3 products intended for use by visitors to factories, warehouses, etc. or for occasional use.

The range meets the standard requirements for safety shoes, including anti-slip, anti-perforation, anti-shock and anti-crush features.

The Millenium Full Protect® style offers not only the safety cap, but also an anti-perforation plate and an anti-slip sole.

Made from the latest generation of technical materials, Thermoplastic Polyurethane with a fibreglass tip (240J), the shoe covers are reusable and easily washable.

The footwear in the Millenium® range is intended for workers in the logistics, industrial, administration, catering and service industry sectors.

The ultimate safety overshoe for visitors - MADE IN FRANCE

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More Information
  • EN ISO 20345 standards: protection against shocks and compression + penetration-resistant midsole 
  • Occasional safety for plant visitors and consultants
  • Re-usable by different visitors - easy to wash
  • 3 sizes available : 

    Size S = 35/39  Size M = 40/44  Size L = 45/48

    Colour coded : S = blue  M = white  L = red 

    Practical: can be used with several types of shoes

Additional features

Steel antiperforation midsole: 1100N

Steel toe cap 200J

Sole resistance to slipping: SRC

Outsole abrasion & hydrocarbon resistant


Adjustable strap & fore foot protection

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