Millenium Premium Kit

Safety overshoes - Safety toecaps
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Gaston MILLE® is the inventor of the Millenium Protect® safety overshoe.

Today, the Millenium® range is increased of 3 products intended for factory visitors, warehouse visitors... and occasional use.

Its normative requirements include safety footwear, including sliding, perforation, impact and crushing.

Made of state-of-the-art technical materials – Thermoplastic polyurethane and fiberglass end (240J), the overshoes are easily reusable and washable.

The Millenium® range models are designed for logistics, industry, administration, catering and indoor service.

The safety overshoes for visitors - MADE IN FRANCE

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More Information

3 sizes available : 

Size S = 35/39  Size M = 40/44  Size L = 45/48

1 kit includes 5 pairs: 1 pair size S + 2 pairs size M + 2 pairs size L

Colour coded : S = yellow sole  M = orange sole  L = bleue sole 

Can be used with several types of shoes

Very light : 670g (size 42)


Additional features

Waterproof & washable TPU

Outsole abrasion & hydrocarbon resistant (EN ISO 20345)


Bi-coulored & double density TPU

- Made with a composite (fiberglass toe cap 240J - EN 12568 standards)

- Removable and interchangeable strap (perfectly fits any shoe)

- Protective tongue

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