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The invention of protective overshoes for visitors

Gaston MILLE is the inventor of the famous Millenium Protect® safety overshoes; it was more than 10 years ago.

These accessories are now essential in all companies that receive visitors and allow to protect their feet. They fit instantly on the city shoes and meet the European standards of protection against shocks and crushing.

Ensure the safety of your visitors with the Gaston MILLE protective overshoes

What could be worse than wearing a pair of uncomfortable, rubbing, inflexible safety shoes that you've never worn before during a factory visit?

What if you weren't the first person to put on those safety shoes, that they had been re-odorised? What if you show your best customers around your state-of-the-art premises and give them uncomfortable or worn-out safety shoes, what happens to your reputation? Where do you keep all the different sizes of safety shoes for visitors from 35 to 48?

What if you could have an overshoe with a composite toe cap and a non-slip sole that fits over your visitors' normal footwear and covers all the safety specifications required for a factory visit... that would be perfect!
Gaston MILLE Millenium Premium® safety overshoes are exactly what you are looking for; they are the ideal visitor overshoes worth using for your important and trusted customers to visit your premises.

They are made from waterproof thermoplastic polyurethane, with a 240J fibreglass composite toe cap, a protective tongue and a non-slip half sole. Millenium Premium® overshoes are reusable by different visitors because they have no direct contact with the foot itself, they simply and effectively cover your customers' street shoes thanks to a flexible and interchangeable rubber strip. The material is easily washable.

Millenium Premium® is available as a kit with 5 pairs of overshoes covering sizes 35 to 48, 1 size S (35 to 39), 2 size M (40 to 44) and 2 size L (45 to 48).

You can also choose to have 5 pairs of the same size; this is the overshoe pack named lot.

There is an easily identifiable marker to distinguish between right and left foot, as well as colour coded symbols on the sole for quick, easy and efficient identification of the correct size.

Ideal for industrial environments, logistics warehouses, and any premises where you show your customers around, while meeting your safety standards.
The Millenium Premium® security tip is METAL FREE (non-magnetic); it does not interfere with metal detectors.

Millenium Premium® is the ultimate in safety overshoes !

Safety toecap protective overshoes for visitors Millenium by Gaston MILLE

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