Choosing the right safety shoe


The Gaston MILLE brand offers a wide range of safety footwear

Chosing the right safety shoe for your job & specific use

The Gaston MILLE safety shoes are adapted to the requirements of different working environments such as construction, logistics & services, heavy industry and specific risks (Oil & Gas...).

Their role will be to protect you against shocks at the front of the foot thanks to the protective toe cap, on the instep thanks to the metatarsal protection, but also at the level of the ankle and many other protections.

It is therefore important to choose your shoe according to the use you are going to make of it and the requirements of the job you do.

Chosing the right safety shoe according to the level of comfort you expect from it

The safety shoe you select will fully satisfy you thanks to the comfort and well-being it provides throughout the day, which makes all the difference; we rigorously select our materials.

The shoe fit also plays an essential role; from a morphological point of view, men's and women's feet are quite distinct. Women's feet are slimmer and have a narrower forefoot than men's.

We have created models adapted to both morphologies.

We invite you to discover the new Félicie® range, a complete range of safety shoes made in France, which is dedicated to women in the industrial, construction, logistics and food sectors.

The assertive, elegant and style of this new range will delight women at work.

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