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These occupational shoes are intended for the general public with demands the basics of comfort, aesthetics, sturdiness, anti-slip, anti-static and shock absorption at the heel.

It is designed for dynamic and intensive professions that involve constant movement, but also require standing and static postures.

The 'so frenchy' Gaston MILLE(r) style will appeal to catering, service industry, hygiene and health staff.

They are the solution for employees who do not need the protection of a safety cap or anti-perforation sole, but require long-lasting comfort and the anti-fatigue heel.

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Business Universe :  Hygiene- Food industry - Catering
More Information

Occupational shoes offering style & elegance - reduce strain on the legs & feet all day long

Protect the articulations - perfect for service staff 

Additional features
  • PU/ Rubber bi-colour - thin, light & stylish
  • Without penetration resistant midsole
  • Synthetic leather, antibacterial - foot hygienic proof
  • Microfibre - breathability with anti-bacterian treatment
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